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Muscle Burns Fat program details

#mbf Muscle Burns Fat and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced are two three-week programs that incorporate strength training and cardio to help you build muscle and burn fat, with full-body workouts that are set to the beat of the music.

With simple moves you’ll learn quickly, you can let the tempo set your pace and drive your intensity for a total-body burn that will get you sweaty and spent.

“I created both programs to be done back-to-back,” Megan explains. “Ideally, you’ll start on a Monday, and commit to finishing 21 workouts. Crush the first three weeks, and you can move on to #mbfa, where I dial-up the intensity and really push your results to the next level — plus there’s a whole new challenge called Megan Minutes. Your goal is to do a set number of reps in 1 minute using your heavy weights. Don’t quit on me!”

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Turn goals into results on Beachbody On Demand. Stream dozens of world-class Beachbody programs, including popular hits like 80 Day Obsession®, SHIFT SHOP®, 21 Day Fix®, PiYo®, and more. Access Beachbody On Demand on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or TV—anywhere you have internet access.

Barre Blend

Create a lean, toned physique through a fun fusion of ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training. You’ll feel the burn as Beachbody Super Trainer Elise Joan leads you through 30- to 40-minute workouts that take the classic barre concept and turn up the intensity as you sweat, stretch, and strengthen to energize your entire body. Each low-impact, high-energy workout uses light weights and cardio interval training to burn calories and help you sculpt defined arms, a tight core, and a firm, lifted booty. Get ready to feel graceful, strong, and gorgeous.

10 Rounds On-Demand

This 6-week boxing program is built around proven principles that deliver maximum cardio burn by combining technique, repetition, and intensity for an incredible TOTAL-body workout. It’s real boxing, without the impact. You’ll learn powerful punching combinations while you put your total focus into each jab, cross, roll, uppercut, and hook, one after another, until you realize you’re sweating off serious calories. Each week, Super Trainer Joel Freeman leads you through 3 days of boxing training, and 2 weightlifting workouts that will help get you shredded and lean while you melt inches off your waistline. And for 12 months, you’ll also get streaming access to hundreds of other world-class workouts on Beachbody On Demand so you can keep your fitness journey moving forward.

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Are Crunches A Pain In Your Neck?

There are a lot of reasons crunches could cause neck pain, but a lot of them can be corrected with good form. One of my favorite fitness instructors, Colleen Palomaa, used to say, “Remember, we aren’t working out our neck, we are working out our ABS. Don’t pull on your neck.”
And she was absolutely right. Many times, in our attempt to do a move, we compensate for lack of strength by using other muscles to “get there”, and then we aren’t using abs at all, we are pulling on our neck. This is not only a waste of our time because we aren’t really working any muscles, but you can also potentially injure yourself and DEFINITELY cause yourself unneeded pain.

Travel Workouts

Travel Workouts

Abandon ye, all hope, of fitness and nutrition if you're a road warrior! Noooooooo. You do NOT have to miss a workout if you're traveling. AT ALL. You just have to channel your inner MacGyver, trust your trainer (that's me) and find some creative solutions. What's a...